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The new LAB production program has begun producing motion picture content, incorporating seasoned professionals with all inspiring content creators. Our purpose is to inspire our community to create world renowned works of art in motion picture content ranging from; narrative short films, documentaries, animations, music videos, experimental, episodic, commercial and industrial content and in the near future, full length feature films


How does all of this work?

Through our special selection process, the LAB will take a script or concept and produce it into a completed motion picture project. Our intention is to produce the highest quality of content to enter and exhibit our work into the top national and International film festivals. All of the cast and production crew will be solely comprised of Endeavor Cinema premium members. No non registered premium members will be allowed to take part of the cast or production team, unless they are a current PREMIUM MEMBER.

Don't hesitate to become a member today

and begin helping the LAB produce its next award winning project. In addition to producing motion pictures and digital content, the LAB will be conducting regular monthly contest to further engage our community through: best animated logo contest, best digital effects contest and best digital animation contest. The winner of these contest will win a variety of cash prizes, free premium memberships, filmmaker bundled packages or even an opportunity to have a film produced with the LAB production team.




Our latest LAB commercial project for Ed Morgan Indiegogo kickstarter campaign