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May 10, 2018

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Local Production - National Stage!

May 23, 2018

I didn't get the role I was auditioning for, but I could not be happier.

Why am I so happy? Here's what happened.

There has always been an unexplained fascination with one of history's most famous unsolved murder cases. The brutality used in the commission of the crimes in those days was unheard of. Oddly, they are no closer today to solving the case than they were when it happened over a hundred years ago. The vicious but surgical attacks were concentrated on ladies of the night. So it was in east London, 1888, down near Bucks Row, where the killer committed the crimes that shocked the world. It was reported by one witness, a man who said that he saw a well dressed gentleman with Mary Kelly right before she was found murdered. That witness was named George Hutchinson, and he gave a very detailed report to police about the well dressed man seen with Mary the night of her demise. He claims he followed them that night. Why? Some say his report was too detailed, as if he was trying to exaggerate for some reason. Probably hoping to sell his story to the local paper, I suspect.
 So have you guessed the story I am referring to? You probably have. See, that's how well known the story of Jack the Ripper is.  

Recently I was given the opportunity to read for a role on the season opener of Murder Made Me Famous on the REELZ network. 
Thankfully, my cockney accent is believable enough that I sent in a decent taping I was happy with. Well I didn't get the part. However, between my accent and the great mustache, I guess they liked me enough to offer a different role. It's the most verifying thing I can think of for me as an actor of my level to be offered a different role than the one I read for. I will be playing the above mentioned George Hutchinson in the season opener of Murder Made Me Famous Jack the Ripper Story on the REELZ network.

So grateful for everyone for this opportunity to do my thing in front of a national audience. It's always a great shoot when I've worked with the AMS team in the past. They treat me like a rock star on the show and I appreciate it. I don't know when this will air, so when they start showing the teaser I will post the details. In the meantime you can catch me on an upcoming episode of MMMF the Whitey Bulger story. Once again, I thin