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Hello and welcome to the Endeavor Cinema Group

The Endeavor Cinema Group was created to help unite the artisans of our emerging independent motion content industry in North Texas.

We are a non profit 501c(3) organization providing services to engage our emerging artisans of motion content by helping to develop their production skills through: economical public screenings of motion content (short films, web-series etc), educational workshop and discussion panels, monthly network mixers, and a new mentoring program that allows anyone to work with an industry professionals on a motion content production set, whether it be on a commercial, short film, web-series or feature film production.

Don't hesitate!! Become a member today and get involved with the most exciting motion content organizations in North Texas.

Here are some of the many benefits of becoming a member today.

Our new Productions Program

An integral part of our organizations mission statement and its finally here!! Beginning in October 2014, the Endeavor Cinema Group will begin producing short films, short documentaries, animations and in the near future, full length feature films. This  ground breaking new program for the Endeavor Cinema Group will help to fully engage our community of emerging artisans of film/digital motion content. Don't miss out the next chance to work on our next production, become a premium member today. More information...
Our Indie Showcase Screenings
A very important part of our organization is to exhibit motion content to the public. Our new quarterly indie showcase was developed to showcase the top produced content screening national and from our own north Texas community. The ECG's screening committee carefully selects the top films or digital content to be screened at the incredible Four Day Weekend Theater in Downtown Fort Worth. As part of our official indie selection process, every artisans selected, will be interview and video recorded by one of our Digital Chatter Box host and uploaded to our wonderful Endeavor Cinema Group Youtube channel for you to share with the world. If you're interested in having your film(s) or digital content or other motion content officially selected to be screened at one of our indie screenings, you must first become a Premium Member of the group, then you can submit your content for consideration to be selected as an officially selected entry as one of our quarterly indie screenings. By becoming a Premium Member today, you'll begin the process to submit your film or digital content, for consideration to screen your film/digital content, web-series or other digital motion content. So don't hesitate for one more minute because our slots to screen your film/digital content this year are filling fast. And if you'd like to get your whole family involved with Endeavor Cinema Group, Family Memberships are also available.
*Note: you will need to first become a Premium Member before you will be able to view the page to screen your film and pay the screening fee.

Our Monthly Network Mixer


Every month we choose a wonderful venue in the Fort Worth-Dallas area (at this time, venues are limited to the Fort Worth area but we will be adding Dallas Locations in the near future) to have a group network mixer for all of the artisans of our emerging North Texas motion content industry and meet one another. This is a great way to engage in discussions about new or upcoming projects or to just simply meet your colleagues in your community. Many new productions or acting roles have been formulated  during one of our wonderful monthly network mixers. As an added bonus, we highlight from month to month various filmmakers, actors producers or other artisans to be guest speakers to speak at one of our network mixer to discuss what he or she is working on in their community. Our monthly mixers are FREE and open to all of our North Texas community of artisans of motion content. Come join us next month and start meeting your community of artisans!!

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Welcome to the Endeavor Cinema Group
The Endeavor Cinema Group is a 501c3 non profit organization created to support the development of our emerging North Texas Independent Motion Picture industry.